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Midnight's Gate: Short Stories: Volume 2 Mike Driver

Midnight's Gate: Short Stories: Volume 2 Mike Driver - Mike Driver Midnight’s Gate by Mike Driver is a collection of short stories that have been published in several horror magazines at one time or another. The tales within are a mix of spooky, paranormal events and a frightening display of the human psyche. If ‘The Informer’ doesn't get to you, then ‘Now Wash Your Hands’ definitely will.

Yes, I had my favourites and some of the stories were stronger than the others. But, if that wasn't the case then Midnight’s Gate wouldn't have worked as a collection. I did feel that the story, ‘The Mistletoe Kiss (A Hard-Boiled Bliss Mystery),’ wasn't truly connected to the rest of them, however. But, maybe it needed to be there just to keep the reader on his/her toes!

I have to admit, also, to getting ‘lost’ whilst reading a couple of the stories. I think that this was due to the fact that a definite hook was missing. I had to read those stories again just to be sure I understood where they were going.

There is no theme to the tales but, to be quite honest, I like it when there isn't rhyme or reason to something. Stories can be written just for magazine submissions and, as such, would all have different guidelines. It helps to prevent things from becoming too boring as well.

A collection such as this must still ‘fit’ together and the author has definitely achieved this. Well worth a read for all horror fans.