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Trail of Secrets

Trail of Secrets - Laura Wolfe Trail of Secrets by Laura Wolfe follows Brynlei as she solves the mystery of missing girl, Caroline Watson. The story all takes place at Foxwoode Riding Academy, a prestigious riding school. Whilst training and enjoying a 3 week stay, she becomes mixed up with the case of the missing girl.

It feels extremely weird when you see alot of yourself in a character written in a book. So, in a way, you’re compelled to finish the story in one sitting. Her love of horses only strengthens this view. As you tend to do when you reading something you know a lot about, you find yourself checking facts about that subject. Saying that I agreed with everything bar one fact! That will give the reader something to look for. I liked the story; it combines two of my favourite genres. I loved it, too, when an unlikeable character ended up on her backside.

The ending was not as I expected which is good (I don’t tend to read synopsis’ thoroughly when I review a book.) The characters are believable but I didn't root for any of them, particularly. But, to be fair, I don’t tend to do that anyway. There are one or two errors in the book; they’re small enough to ignore, however. In conclusion, Trail of Secrets is a great little tale for teenagers. Go try it.