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Prince of Nightmares

Prince of Nightmares - John McNee Prince of Darkness by John McNee revolves around a haunted hotel: Ballador Country House Hotel. It is located in one of the most remotest areas of Scotland and it has a reputation to uphold.

Victor Teversham’s wife, Josie, committed suicide and for a parting gift she booked a vacation for him in that very hotel. Charming girl. Malevolent nightmares of gruesome proportions would force sane people to run to the hills, but, amazingly, Victor chooses to stay on and face the demons head on. His wife had seen something in him long before she’d even entered the world.

John McNee is a truly great writer, capable of scaring the living daylights out of even the seasoned of horror fans. Graphic descriptions, an imagination of pure evil and a talent for perfect prose, Prince of Darkness, is just what you may be looking for to welcome the New Year in with.

Although I favour horror at a different end of the scale, I could still get enjoyment out of this book. The characters were varied and multifaceted, the setting is in good old UK, and the book itself is of a good length. John McNee has taught me just what is required to become a successful horror writer.