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Selah's Sweet Dream

Selah's Sweet Dream - Susan Count
Selah's Sweet Dream tells the story of Selah's dream; to own a horse and to, take her dream, further to be an equestrian superstar. However, there are barriers that she must overcome to make this dream come true.

The first thing that struck me about this novel is the beautiful cover art and illustrations. This would be one book I would love to own in print. It would look so good on my bookshelf and on those of the many horse mad teenagers out there.

Selah, our young protagonist, is determined and, also very sweet. Susan Count writes in a style that fits perfectly with the genre. The storyline has plenty of twists and turns which makes the book a great little adventure for younger kids to read. The author evidently has plenty of knowledge of horses which results in the book becoming a good learning resource for children of the same age. I mean, who couldn't love to read about a nice girl whose dreams match your own?

I loved Selah's Sweet Dream and I would be delighted to read more from Susan Count, even if the book wasn't about horses.