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Deadly Determination

Deadly Determination - Ian   Jackson Deadly Determination by I.D. Jackson is a police procedural set in Liverpool, UK. The fact that is set in the UK will please many crime-loving Brits.

It's also good to hear of a British author on the climb towards major success. Fans of I.D. Jackson would already have read Dead Charming prior to this novel. They won't be disappointed.

This second offering is equally as good with plenty of action within the first chapter. A murder, a court case and an introduction to members of Karen Bellows' confusing family. How can she possibly be a loving, supporting partner to her pregnant girlfriend? She just is.

The characters are well faceted and you find yourself, subconsciously, finding elements that you, yourself, can relate to. You feel you have no choice but root for the character in question; someone to sympathise with and/or even admire. For example, D.S. Strand is one third of D.I. Karen Bellows team, the frankly spoken lead investigator assigned to the case.

Strand has little going for him and he has placed himself in an impossible situation; his associations with unsavoury individuals in the criminal world is impacting on his private life as well as his career. But, is there an excuse for his behaviour? Is he treated unfairly? That is one thing you can decide.

Deadly Determination is definitely a novel to consider, especially if you are looking for characters that could easily be residents of Liverpool, today.