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After the Horses: A Dan Sharp Mystery

After the Horses: A Dan Sharp Mystery - Jeffrey Round I do love a mystery and After the Horses is an excellent example. It is literally dripping with suspense and not a book you'll find easy to put down. If you didn't have to eat, sleep, work and do the necessary ablutions including the unmentionables, then you would obviously have a free rein to just savour.

The novel is set in the gay community and focuses on cops, lawyers and accountants all in a tightly woven net of corruption. There is also an offshoot for the lead character to deal with on a personal level. All this combines to create a plot that ticks all the right boxes with regards to required elements of a good book. There is also plenty of descriptive text about Toronto, where the novel is set, to really get you immersed in the life and world of Dan Sharp (Private Investigator.)

It would be easy to think, by reading the synopsis and reviews, that there must be too much going on in the one story. But Jeffrey Round has expertly constructed it to be manageable for his readers without losing the momentum. After the Horses is intended to be part of a series so there is plenty to look forward to; Dan Sharp may just be on the case again.

It's so easy to be too cliche and repetitive writing reviews; the same phrases and descriptive words tend to come up time and time again. I'm loathe to be that way with After the Horses. It's worth so much more than that.